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New Feature: Referral Churn

We’ve been working on adding top-level metrics that can give you and your affiliates a gauge on the performance of your affiliate program. This week we added the two most important vital signs for the health of your affiliate program: referral growth and churn.

These are metrics you’re probably already familiar with for your company. Now you can track them for your affiliate program as well! These metrics give you a gauge of the success of your affiliate marketing efforts. They can be compared (as long as the selected periods are the same length) to the overall company metrics.

We hope that this helps to improve your overall visibility to the ROI from your affiliate efforts.

The affiliate dashboard also shows these metrics for their referrals, giving them the same tools to track the effectiveness of their promotional efforts.

Referral growth is analogous to user growth: showing you the newly activated (non-trial) referrals from the selected period as a percentage of the active referrals at the beginning of the period.

Referral churn is analogous to user churn: showing the percentage of referrals which were active at the start of the period, but canceled during the period.

Together, these metrics give you the most important metric to gauge the success of your affiliate program: net growth. As long as referral growth is greater than referral churn, then referral-based revenue will grow.

Many calculations of churn and growth only allow for a 30 day period. This limits the usefulness of these metrics in order to simplify the presentation. In LinkMink both of these metrics are calculated based on the selected date range on the referrals page. Any forecasting or comparison needs to take into account the length of this period.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to support@linkmink.com.


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